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We combine the best expertise in information technology engineering and support with excellent customer service.

VCerna Technologies is specializes in two different fields, computer repair and web design which are related in the objective to provide innovation in the field of technology. VCerna Technologies is able to diagnose and repair a variety of computer problems and also sells reliable desktops, laptops and computer accessories. VCerna Technologies also specializes in developing websites and implementing innovative digital marketing strategies that can help increase exposure and sales for your business. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction with honesty, punctuality (developing your website and returning your equipment in a timely manner), hard work and respect in order to provide the best customer service ever. Our slogan is: Customer Satisfaction = Ethics + Hard Work

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About Us

VCerna Technologies


The Mission of VCerna Technologies is to provide excellent customer service in web developing, programming and computer repair with engineering and technical expertise. We definitely help to improve your business.

VCerna Technologies was founded by Victor Cerna as a local South West Florida Business. Victor’s experience is very diverse including researcher at Florida State University, assistant teacher in college math, algebra and statistics at Hodges University. He has several years of experience in the sales and technical field from such companies as Lucent Technologies (former AT&T), Avaya Communications and Comcast. He also has design experience working with Mastec and Naples Lumber.

Victor always perceived education as one of the greatest tools that he has to use in order to accomplish his goals. In 1995, He graduated as an Electronic Engineer with a specialization in telecommunications from Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. In 2010, he received his Associate’s Degree in Science with an honor of Magna Cum Laude from Hodges University. He felt furthering his education would be an investment in a better future. In 2014, he received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technologies from Hodges University. When he finished his studies, he decided to become an entrepreneur and open his own business and apply his knowledge into the field. He believes that knowledge should always be passed on. He is grateful for the learning opportunities he has had and in return, he enjoys offering free math classes to struggling students and provide Spanish classes as a volunteer to students who want to learn the language. He also writes articles for the technology section of a local newspaper


Computer Repair

Our business is based on three principles: We love what we are doing, so we work with passion and care because we understand how much you need your computer in good functioning properly. We take care of your computer as if it is our computer. We do not give up in the face of adversities. Whatever problem your computer has, we will work to find a solution for you. We understand how important it is to recover your information such as documents, photos, videos, or files when your computer is broken. We know what we are doing. Our experience and knowledge allow us first to identify the problems your computer is having and then to find the solution to fix these problems.

VCerna Technologies repairs electronic devices such as desktops and laptops. Our services include:



  • Replace RAM memory.
  • Replace battery.
  • Replace hard drive.
  • Install upgrades.
  • Replace motherboard.
  • Replace controller board.
  • Setup computers.
  • Setup printers.
  • Setup devices in a wireless environment.


  • Remove malwares: Viruses, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, worms, and any other malicious programs.
  • Tune up (Hard drive optimization, file clean up, startup management)
  • Install updates.
  • Install antivirus.
  • Install new software and drivers.
  • Configure firewalls.

Web Design and Development

VCerna Technologies develops websites for all type of businesses with professionalism and punctuality. We understand how important a website is for our customer’s business and that is why we carefully listen to our customers’ needs and requests and provides excellent customer service from beginning to end.

VCerna Technologies provides the following web design and development services:


Responsive websites

The websites that VCerna Technologies develop are easy to interact with, navigate, and read. It does not matter if you are using a desktop, laptop or smart phone; we develop responsive websites so that your website always looks very neat on any type of device. Because VCerna Technologies develop websites using a variety of programing languages, no-one will have the same website design as your company. Visitors to your website will see the difference.

Google AdWords

One of the most important objectives of your website is for your information to be easily found when a potential customer searches the internet. With Google AdWords, customers will find your company’s website when they search for key words associated with your company when using Google as their search engine. Google AdWords can help attract customers and grow its sales. In Addition, Google AdWords can create fidelity to your company. Google AdWords does not require a contract, and you will only pay if a customer visits your website using Google AdWords. You can manage your budget with Google AdWords, so you can spend initially a few dollars in one campaign. Trying the service will not cost you much and when you see how it can benefit your company, you can choose to invest more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that will help track the volume of people visiting your site and evaluate how they are interacting with your website. The data collected will help you to customize your website and marketing campaign to attract more customers, provide a better customer experience and manage the needs of your customers.

Contact Us


You can contact us at:

Phone: +(239) 200 – 4267